Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GUI Application to Test

Let's start with something easy. We have a Windows GUI application that looks like this:

The application contains a text box, two buttons, and a list box. It simply adds a text from text box as the last item to the list box (exe, source).

The testing steps might be as follows:
  1. Run the application.
  2. Check the 'New listbox item' fields is empty.
  3. Check the list box contains three rows with texts: 'This is', 'GUIAT', 'demo.'.
  4. Enter a text (e.g. 'new line') into text box, press 'Add Item' button. Verify your text ('new line') appears as the fourth line/item in the list box.
  5. Press 'Quit' button. Verify the application terminates.
Any record/play testing tool can do the test up to point 4. There it cannot verify whether the text was added to the correct place in the list box. These tools also cannot handle moving 'Add Item' button closer to the text box. They would then click to empty place. Sure there are more sophisticated tools that can handle the above problems. But I do not know about any for free.

Next time we try some dead ends from my beginnings :-)

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